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Category Archives: Criminal Defense


What to Expect When You Are Granted Parole

By Ernest D. Preate, Jr. |

It is a freeing feeling knowing after your time in prison, your good behavior has given you the opportunity for parole, but that doesn’t mean your life automatically goes back to normal. Life after you are granted parole in Pennsylvania can be tricky and frustrating at times, but it may be easier to navigate… Read More »

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The New Pennsylvania Criminal Laws You Need to Know for 2019

By Ernest D. Preate, Jr. |

It was a productive year in the Pennsylvania legislature, with elected officials producing nearly 250 new laws taking effect this year. Toll fares are increasing 6%, there are more protections for animals left in hot cars, and it may get easier to save for college. However, there were a number of important additions and… Read More »

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