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Scranton Government Pardons Lawyer

If You Want to Erase Your Criminal Record, Applying for a Pardon May Be the Solution. Our Scranton Pardons from the Government Lawyer Can Help.

Being convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania can be a very upsetting and life-changing experience. In addition to the potential penalties that you may face, such as jail time or large fines, you may also be affected by the stigma that affects a criminal conviction, and a loss of social, professional, and educational opportunities as such.

While the expungement of certain crimes is one option for clearing a criminal record, expungement typically is not available for felony or misdemeanor convictions in Pennsylvania; instead, the only way that you can get your record cleared is to apply for a pardon from the government. Our experienced Scranton criminal defense lawyer, Ernest D. Preate, Jr. Esquire can help.

What Is a Pardon from the Government?

As explained by Community Legal Services of Pennsylvania, a pardon is an act by the governor of Pennsylvania that completely erases a conviction from your criminal record. To reemphasize, a pardon may be the only way to clear a criminal conviction from your record; felony and misdemeanor expungements are generally noteligible for expungement.

What Are the Benefits of a Pardon?

Even years after you have served your time and paid for the crime of which you were convicted, a criminal conviction can be impairing. Indeed, a conviction on your criminal record may prevent you from being able to secure certain employment or housing opportunities, could be used against you in a family law case, such as a child custody case, or may even bar you from volunteering or pursuing higher education. If you are successful in seeking a pardon, you will have a clean criminal record – an asset that can serve as an advantage as you navigate life.

Who Is Eligible for a Pardon from the Government? 

Securing a pardon from the government is very difficult to do, and pardons are not given out liberally. That being said,anyonewho has been convicted of a crime has the right to petition for a pardon, and there are no fixed requirements for who can or cannot be granted a pardon from the government. Typically, pardons are granted to those whose crimes were committed years ago. For more serious crimes, you may have to wait decades before a petition for a pardon will be successful. Even then, it is very hard to secure a pardon without a long history of good behavior, as well as a compelling reason as to why you are seeking the pardon.

The Process of Applying for a Pardon in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons maintains a website with a comprehensive overview of the process of applying for a pardon in our state. Essentially, the process requires filing an application and paying the $25 filing fee. After the application is filed, a copy of the application must be distributed to the Board of Probation and Parole, and a parole agent will contact you to schedule a meeting in your home and obtain more information. Our lawyer can help you to prepare for this meeting and get all necessary information and documentation ready, including information about your employment status, marital status, community reputation, and more.

Call Our Scranton Government Pardons Lawyer Today

Petitioning for a pardon is an extremely complicated and laborious process, and one that should not be pursued without the counsel of an aggressive Scranton pardons from the government lawyer. At the law office of Ernest D. Preate, Jr. Esquire, our attorney brings decades of experience to the table, and will work hard to serve your best interests. Request your consultation by calling our office or sending our lawyer a message today.

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